About Us

Message From President Jeff Lyons...

2017 marks the 25th year Trenchless Utility Equipment Inc (TUE) has been serving the Canadian Utility Industry and has caused me to reflect on the many changes that our industry has experienced.

We have seen huge advancements in technology and practices, resulting in safer and more efficient job sites. We are proud to say that both of these advancements have been embraced and promoted by TUE.

Yet it still occurs to me that the thing I take the greatest pride in is something which has never changed and that is the clear and undaunting drive to provide real value to our customers and their lives! This has manifested itself through the many thousands of customer relationships that we have been able to established since our inception.

Serving the Utility Industry is far more rewarding than I could have imagined starting out. Now to be able to share that with our staff, and my children who also work in the business, is very humbling and I am grateful to all of you who work everyday in this noble industry!

TUE was formed in 1992 to specialize in the relatively new Horizontal Directional Drill Industry. Then, through our association with Radiodetection, embarked on a lifetime commitment to protect underground utility infrastructure by taking a leadership role in Damage Prevention.

TUE decided early on that to properly serve the Utility Industry, proper training was not only paramount to success, but it was our responsibility as a supplier to provide to anyone that purchased our products. We believe that helping develop and convey Best Practices are the "Table stakes" for anyone providing products and service in this industry. You shouldn't even sit at the table if you aren't willing to ante up. The potential losses and risks are too high for a "half in" involvement. Our TUE promise is to continue to partner with the industry for safe and profitable application of all of our products. We understand that our success depends on your success.

Please contact myself or any member of our staff if we can be of service.

We will strive to keep our website pertinent and informational beyond our own needs.

We WILL reach out to you occasionally, but I promise only with information that speaks to your needs and provides real value.

To the many friends I've met, and the many more I hope to, please contact me personally if I can be of service!

Thank you for 25 rewarding years!