F5 Locating System

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DigiTrak F5 Locating System

Regardles of what your drilling project looks like, the DigiTrak® F5® provides industry proven technology to your job site for all your functional walkover locator requirements.

The F5 system and receiver combines industry leading functionality with technical precision in a light weight box that provides tremendous daily performance while working on the tough installs day in and day out for HDD companies industry wide.

The F5's 5 transmitter frequencies will assist you in navigating even the most difficult job sites to get the work done.

The unit provides detailed data logging of both bore path and pull back data logging to allow you to capture a broad range of information that can be necessary to satisfy many of your job related standards and regulations.

The F5 system provides a strong combination of technology and design that allows you to execute and complete bores both productivity and safety every day.