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DigiTrak Falcon F1

The Falcon F1™ by Digitrack is a guidance system that represents a marked improvement in the ability to help workers effectively deal with one of the largest challenges that exists during the completion of underground drill bores and that is active interference.

The Falcon F1 delivers Falcon technology to the job site at excellent pricing, and can be upgraded to the Falcon F2® that provides multiple bands for use during work on deeper bores where the interference environment is even tougher.

Interference has become a growing issue due to more difficult job sites and the challenges associated with deep HDD bores. While interference will vary from job site to job site, research has shown the best way to consistently combat it is by using transmitter frequencies that sidestep the interference versus trying to overcome it by simplying adding more power.

With Falcon technology, the approach is to divide a range of frequencies into different bands and then being able to select the frequencies that are the least likely to be impacted by the interference within each of the bands.

With the Falcon F1, there is a single band, band 11, that covers the frequencies that have been identified as being able to perform the best on very short or shallow HDD drilling applications.

The Falcon system itself is very simple to understand and learn how to use. Following the step by step guide to Falcon F1 use, you will be in a position to start drilling in just a matter of minutes.

While other systems will focus on the depth of the locate and the data they collect, DCI's Falcon technology also provides significant range which combined with depth and data allow you to get more work done faster.