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DigiTrak Falcon F5

The Falcon F5 system incorporates a broad range of different frequencies into number of bands, then selects the frequencies that are the least likely to experience interference in each band.

The F5 has 9 bands with each using the best-performing of hundreds of frequencies in between 4.5 and 45 kilohertz.  The best way to use the F5 is to Optimize 1 band for the best performance on the majority of your bore shot and optimize a second band for a high interference segment.

This system is very straight forward to learn and easy to use each and every day.

If you follow the basic steps outlined at the start of each pilot bore, you'll be ready to begin drilling in just a few minutes.

Other systems will define success in terms of both depth and data range. The Falcon technology also provides you with tremendous range, but by itself is  not what makes Falcon great.

Digital Control Corporation (DCI) defines success as being able to enable your crew(s) to complete the biggest number of jobs in the shortest period of time.  This is the principle that Falcon technology was designed around.

Each system comes with a receiver, remote display, batteries, and battery charger as standard features.