Grundodrill 4X

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Grundodrill 4X Compact Horizontal Directional Drill

The Grundodrill 4X is a compact HDD made by TT Technologies.

The unit is ideal for installing services to the home as well as other bore shots where tight operating operating spaces require a horizontal directional drill can easily maneuver and operate in tight spaces.

The 4X has a dual hydrostatic pump system that provides the operator with maximum control during the drilling process.

The unit has a 4 auger stake down system that provides for tremendous stability which helps to optimize thrust and pullback operations.

Another on of the 4X's key features is it's external pumping system which allows all available drill power to be applied directly to the drilling process.

The drill track with rubber pads is designed for great traction and durability that is gentle on the turf and concrete you will be working on.