Grundomudd Tank Mixing System

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TT Technologies Grundomudd Tank Mixing System

The Grundomudd Bentonite tank mixing system is designed to sit on a trailer, which in many cases is the same trailer that is used to transport the Grundodill 4X.  The manufacturers of the tank mixing system, TT Technologies, developed its footprint with this feature in mind.

This stand alone unit is driven by its own pumping system which allows the Grundodrill 4X to make maximum use of its 9,800 lbs of thrust and pull back power.  

Unlike other compact HDD drills in the same power class that rob power from the drilling operation to drive the pumping system, the Grundomudd system provides its own power.

The Grundomudd tank set up utilizes a Venturi mixer and filtration system than can mix together mix water and bentonite in just a few minutes, while the tank recirculating valve keeps the water and bentonite  mixture from settling.