KE-SP 3050 Cable Puller

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​Thaler KE SP 3050 Cable Puller

General specifications:
- Pulling force – 11,000 lbs.
- Single axle chassis- Yanmar diesel engine, 36 hp
- Length of cable – 3,000 feet
- Type of cable – ½” diameter braided steel, “anti-twist”
- Electronic measuring system (TM 3000 - US version)
- Fully enclosed compartment

Standard features:
- Wireless remote control with manual back-up controls
- Double capstan system (both capstan heads are driven)
- Large drum capacity for long rope lengths
- Hydrostatic drive for capstan system and rope drum
- This is not a chain-driven system

Technical data:
Drive: HydraulicEngine: 3 cylinder, 36 hp diesel with electric start
Pulling force: 11,000 lbs
Pulling speed: 0-165 ft/min. (pulling-in) 0-200 ft/min. (paying-out)
Cable length: 3,000 ft
Cable diameter: ½”
Overall length: 166”Width: 70”Height: 65”
Weight: 4,520 lbs.

Frame consisting of 2” x 4” rectangular tube with a 4” x 4” square tube rear cross member. Single axle with electric brake, 195 R 14 tires, DOT approved lights, breakaway system, 6-way trailer plug, and tool box mounted on tongue.

Adjustable hand crank rear stabilizer legs on each corner provide stability of the winch during the pulling operation. Single hand crank jack mounted to tongue of trailer.

Hydraulically driven by a 36hp Yanmar diesel engine (EPA certified), water cooled, with electric start. The hydraulic pump is designed to assure smooth operation without jerking of the pulling speed.

Storage drum:
Hydraulically driven operation and braking. Maximum drum capacity for ½” rope is 3,000 feet.

Level wind:
The steel wire rope runs directly from the capstan system to the storage drum. An automatic level-wind system guarantees smooth winding of the cable.

Electronic measuring system (TM 3000):
- Indication of pulling force, pulling speed and pulled length
- Adjustable pulling force with automatic system shut-down when desired, pre-set value is reached
- Adjustable length with automatic system shut-down when desired, pre-set value is reached
- Pull data can be saved onto a USB drive then downloaded and printed from a computer

Operation: All of the following functions are centrally located on the control panel.
- Wireless remote control for controlling the pulling direction and speed, with an E-Stop button for safety
- Back-up manual controls for when the wireless remote is lost or broken
- Throttle control
- Electric start
- Fuel gauge
- Hour meter
- Electronic measuring system (TM 3000)

Enclosure: Fully enclosed metal hood protects all components and provides easy access to control panel and internal components for maintenance and/or repair.

Paint: Well primed, puller painted industrial white, chassis painted black.