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Pearpoint P350 flexitrax - Modular Crawler System

In the category of commercial video inspection equipment, a crawler operator will many times have to decide between a portable unit with limited functionality, or a complex system that's bulky in size for larger pipes.

With the Pearpoint P350 system, you get a very durable system that is modular in design and is capable of staying centered in larger pipes while also being very portable and and easy to transport.

It also comes with an intuitive joy stick control and a remote controlled power elevator.You basically have the ability to tailor the P350 flexitrac system to meet whatever requirements you may have.

For instance, you can choose between a cost effective manual cable drum or a more advanced drum that is powered.  Both units can be outfitted with up to 1,000 feet / 305 metres of cable.

You can also choose from 3 interachangeable cameras as well as 2 very powerful crawlers that are both designed to hold up to some of the most challenging sub surface conditions you may encounter.

There is also a very wide choice of wheels, elevators and tires so you can optimize your down hole equipment to suit the pipe network that you're surveying.