RD8100 Cable and Pipe Locators

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Radiodetection RD8100

RD8100® underground cable and pipe locator have been developed to provide an extremely high level of accuracy to directly assist in damage prevention.

The RD8100 series of utility locators provides you with optional integrated GPS and usage logging, and comes with a three year product warranty.

RD8100 is Radiodetection's most advanced cable and pipe locator as it builds on over 40 years of experience in the industry and delivers a very high and consistent level of performance, durability, and quality.

The unit contains its own unique set of 5 custom-manufactured, precision-ground antennas, which will allow you to choose the settings that best fit the work you're undertaking.

As utility infrastructure becomes more complex, more and more locate professionals are requiring tools that are both more flexible and powerful.

Some of the key features, such as Current Direction and iLOC work well with the Tx Transmitter range to provide very responsive locates each and every time, regardless of the conditions.

Integrated GPS and usage-logging options provide important information for each customer report, as well as in-house quality and safety audits that promote the use of best practices.