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Footage Tools - The Wedge - Underground Piercing Tool

Footage Tools The Wedge is effectively used to split existing PE and copper lines as well as pull out galvanized or lead lines.

The Wedge is a very important tool for most utility contractors or plumbers who are looking for a more cost effective way to replace digging or excavating.

The Wedge is best suited for replacing 3 quarter inch and 1 inch water services in the shortest amount of time possible.

The operation of the Wedge itself is very straight forward and easy to learn even for first time users.

The operational process involves feeding the air craft cable through the existing service and then pulling the tool back under ground using a winch, tractor, truck, or backhoe.

One of the great benefits of this piece of equipment is that you don't have to have any special equipment to utilize the Wedge.

And you want to install the new service, you just attach the service to the back of the Wedge so the existing line can be split or pulled out while the new service line is being pulled into place.

The result is that everything can be done in one operation, saving time and money in the process!